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Featuring Precision Fit technology- in harnesses & outerwear- the ultimate in simple adjust-ability. 
Designed and made with love - inspired by experience - fun, modern, affordable fashion!

my canine kids launches PRECISION FIT ™ . . . A walk ahead of your
favorite step-in harness! Developed from customer feedback by the founder of cloak &
dawggie – your favorite mix of fashion & function – now has the ability to adjust for that
PERFECT fit! We’ve added sliplock buckles on each side allowing to exactly adjust to your pets
waistline! The first harness to combine the adjustability of web strap harnesses w/the fashion
and easy function of your favorite fabric step-ins!

In addition PRECISION FIT ™ extends to parkas – new sizing / new fitting. An
adjustable neckline, shaped body and a more forgiving girth has allowed us to reduce the
          number of sizes while covering the same range of dogs and maintaining that fabulous fit!